Colonel Mustard and the Lake Serpent
Colonel Mustard and the Lake Serpent
Our Clue series on Kelleys continues Oct. 18-19, 2019 as Colonel Mustard uncovers a mystery surrounding the wreck of the Lake Serpent. Call KI Venture Resort at 419-746-2900.

Veteren Problem
New Veteran Problem
This little gem has been making an appearance at our mysteries for over a year now. Denham believes it inspired a monster on the old TV series The Outer Limits. What is it? 1,000 Bonus Points await.

Junior Detective
Junior Detective
Karl (the Uncanny) Erbland (l), Denham, Joe, and Dennis Baylor pose with our newest Junior Detective First Class, 5-year old Marianna Banjoff after she secretly acquired a crucial piece of evidence at the close of Deadly Harvest on Kelleys Island.

Seaside Cheese and Brains
Seaside Cheese & Brains
Steve White, owner of Cape May's Seaside Cheese, was pleased to have us back for our first wedding party mystery. Check The Deadly Diamond of Widow's Watch.

Our Last Two Seasons
Our Last Two Seasons
We'll be launching our two final seasons this fall. It's been a long and beautiful road, one I wouldn't have missed for the world!

We're Back!
We're Back!
Those twisted but lovable folks from Shadow Stalkers are back on the mystery trail! Sherlock Holmes had a three year "Great Hiatus" in the middle of his career and that nice Mr. Denham has followed in his footsteps.

Victorian Villa Inn
Where it all started
If you want to see where all this madness began, check out our Victorian Villa Gallery or go to The Victorian Villa Inn.

Welcome to Shadow Stalkers!

If you've ever wanted to really investigate a murder rather than listen to actors delivering dialogue . . . if you've wanted to weave between dinner guests on a mission to obtain fingerprints . . . to explore an entire island looking for clues and scavenger hunt items . . . to play a game where the killers were playing too and might be stalking you right now . . . welcome to the world of Shadow Stalkers!

We began with a single flash of inspiration in the mind of a mystery guest more than 20 years ago and that idea has led to two decades of locked trunks, invisible ink, fingerprints, secret codes, torn maps and lost diamonds. Retired for two years so that nice Mr. Denham could finish writing his first book, the codes and ciphers have now been unpacked and dusted off and it's show time again, ladies and gentlemen.

We have now reached a milestone, however, and a turning point which is reflected in a quote from poet Mary Oliver.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
With your one wild and precious life?”

Until his final demise we're still putting our guests through their paces each October at Kelleys Island Venture Resort in Ohio and past clients include Cedar Point Amusement Park, the Victorian Villa Inn, Captain Montague's B&B and the American Heart Association as well as Denham's favorite B&B's in his adopted home town, Cape May, New Jersey.

I smile every time I read that because Shadow Stalkers has been such a big part of my answer to the question. The marvelous and completely irreplaceable Mrs. Denham and I have traveled this path together for 28 years and we are now nearing the end of the road.

Our last two seasons are before us. Ravenwood Castle and Kelleys Island Venture Resort will host our concluding cases. “Murder on the Ravenwood Express” will be our final adventure. I’ll be killed, of course, this time finally and completely . . . but one question still remains. Who will get to do Denham in?

We’re launching a contest to answer that question. On the Forums page we have a new topic. Veteran detectives (and you people know who you are) are invited to document their grievances against that nice Mr. Denham and tell everyone WHY you should be the one to murder him. Need I add that Bonus Points will be involved?

Our beloved Mildred of Swvenson Global Services will be our first entry. I have no idea why she should want to kill Mr. Denham. She’s such a kind-hearted soul it’s hard to imagine!

We have also designed team building adventures for Pillsbury, CenturyTel, Pepperidge Farms and the wonderful people working in Children's Services in Ohio. It's been quite a journey and our recent efforts have taken all We learned in that first 20 years and molded it into new directions such as Cape May's War of the Worlds where invading Martians struggled against Earthling defenders.

We have never stopped growing or exploring new problems and ideas . . . and we don't intend to. In Denham's Night of the Living Dead--Disguise for Murder the guests who arrived as zombies kept biting our humans and expanding their number. If you've ever been caught in the middle of a zombie outbreak you know how harrowing it can be. All our productions are custom cut to fit the location and theme and Rule Number One at all Shadow Stalker events is "You are here to have FUN. If you are not having as much fun as you possibly can, you are in violation of this rule!"

Everything else we do descends from that.